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 Cool Ponies Rules

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PostSubject: Cool Ponies Rules   14th October 2012, 4:42 am

The rules are subject to change so check often.

1). Keep profanity like bad language to a MINIMUM. Pornographic imagery and racist or sexist comments are strictly BANNED.

2). Don't spam- spam is when meaningless or noncontributory messages are repeatedly posted.

3). Stay on the topic the thread is covering- you can make some off-topic comments, but make a new thread if the conversation turns another direction.

4). No advertising anything outside of a thread in the correct category.

5). Don't be rude or mean to others. Keep criticism nice!

6). Don't "necro" threads unless updated information is available.

7) If you have any suggestions, PLEASE contact an Admin! They are greatly appreciated.

8). Have fun!

9). No Donating

10). If you have a nickname and you are inactive for too long you will lose said nickname.
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Cool Ponies Rules
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