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 Memorandum of the life once lived

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Shining Armor

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PostSubject: Memorandum of the life once lived   16th March 2014, 10:52 pm

This might not last forever as posts in the chat box, so I will record my message here as well...

[21:31:25] superkingkiller joined the chat on Sun 16 Mar - 21:31
[21:35:09] superkingkiller : *Sighs*
[21:35:54] superkingkiller : There was so much potential taken... So many friends lost, contacts cut...
[21:36:15] superkingkiller : There is nothing I can do, sadly enough.
[21:37:02] superkingkiller : As I know it, this community, however prosperous it once was, is lost in the sands of time eternal.
[21:39:16] superkingkiller : If you so happen upon here again my dear friends, be it The_Derpy_Hooves, Sigma, Danillo, Dr. Stupid, BKG, Patches, or even Marshmallow, I can give you one final thing.
[21:39:46] superkingkiller : Go to , do what they ask, create an account, and come find me.
[21:40:16] superkingkiller : There, I am SheppyShepardson
[21:43:05] superkingkiller : But the Truth is, I wish I could talk to any of you again. This Community was one of the first places on this mighty internet I felt safe, welcomed by the others who frequented the site.
[21:44:17] superkingkiller : Now I am far and wide across many sites, though some know me as someone
[21:46:12] superkingkiller : To you I might be superkingkiller, or Shining Armor. To my RP buddies on Fallout Equestria and Journeys Across Equestria, I am Tuxedo Thunder. To those who game with me using Steam or Evolve, I have many names. But I am the same across it all.
[21:46:36] superkingkiller : Goodnight, Good Luck, and Goodbye for now.
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Memorandum of the life once lived
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